Treaty of Versailles

Terms of the Treaty...

The four main terms of the Treaty of Versailles can be summarized most simply by the acronym B.R.A.T.
Blame: Germany was to assume full blame for starting World War One.
Reparations: The Treaty imposed all reparations for war damages, along with the wages of Allied soldiers and their families, upon Germany. The total costs came to 2.7 billion American dollars.
Army: The Treaty also limited the size of the German Army and Navy. The German military was only permitted to have 100,000 soldiers total, and its Navy was only allowed a measley six battleships. The German navy decided to destroy all of the battleships that they were not permitted to have, rather than surrender them to the British.
Territory: The Treaty of Versailles stripped Germany of hundreds of square miles of eastern and western territory, as well as many of the country's colonies. The territory and colonies were divided up among the other European nations.
North Schleswig was given to Denmark, Eupen and Malmedy were handed over to Belgium, Posen was taken by Poland, and of course, Alsace-Lorraine was returned to France.