Treaty of Versailles

France- Georges Clemenceau

- France wanted security from the Treaty. They wanted to make sure Germany never invaded again.
- France wanted to use the Treaty to seek revenge on Germany. 
- Clemenceau wanted to make sure Germany paid for damage(reparations) in Northern France caused by German armies.

Britain- David Lloyd-George

- In public, David Lloyd-George said he wanted to punish Germany. In private, George realized Britain needed Germany to recover because she was an important trading partner.
Lloyd-George worried about communism. A strong Germany would be a barrier against it.

United States of America- Woodrow Wilson

- Wilson wanted to base the Treaty off of his Fourteen Points
- He believed Germany should be punished, but not severely. He wished for settlement that wouldn't leave Germany resentful.
- Wilson called for a League of Nations (an international organization that would settle disputes).
- The American public did not support Wilson. They were fed up with getting involved in European affairs. The U.S. became more isolationist.