Treaty of Versailles

                               Why Germany was Angry

  1. No one in Germany, meaning the citizens, knew what the terms of the Treaty were.
  2. They were given only two choices. One of these was to sign the Treaty and agree to pay for the damages and to accept being the cause of the war. The other was to be invaded by the Allies and to lose control of their own country. Neither of these options were desirable, but the Germans did not want to be invaded, and chose to sign the Treaty. The large reparations the Germans had to pay did further damage to their already weak economy, and accepting blame for causing the war was embarrassing and shameful.
  3. The Treaty also made Germany shrink their military down from 400,000 men to 100,000 men. This made the Germans insecure for the safety of their country.
  4.  The Treaty also forced Germans to leave their homes in Russia, Poland, and in Alsace-Lorraine.
  5. The combination of shame, fear, and outrage would fuel all of Germany's bitterness towards the Allied powers. For the next twenty years, Germans would be bent on taking revenge for themselves and their mother land.